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This listing is for Cylinder boring services and Namura TopEnd Repair Kit

Artic Cat 400 400 4X4 TRV AUTO  2006-08



Your Responsibility:

  • Your cylinder must have enough room in the sleeve to machine to the next oversize.
  • If the sleeve in your cylinder is already bored to the max size, we offer a re-sleeve service for an additional fee.
  • Call us to discuss details.
  • Remove the gasket material from the bottom of the cylinder prior to mailing it in.
  • We charge $15.00 for gasket removal fee.
  • Include a copy of your purchase for us to identify who you are.


How it Works:

  • Ship your cylinder to us, address below
  • We’ll inspect, bore and hone your cylinder to match the next oversize piston
  • In some cases the next size may be out of stock so we may need to bore two sizes over
  • We’ll supply a matching Namura oversize piston, rings, clip, Topend gaskets, bearing
  • Cross hatch fimnish for better oil flow
  • Cylinder will be ready to bolt on


Accurate Cylinder And Sleeve Works

613 Mosswood Dr,

Conroe, TX 77302

Artic Cat 400 4X4 VP AUTO 2006

Excluding Sales Tax
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