YZ250   1992 - 98 Cylinder Jug, Cylinder Resleeve Service.Cylinder Exchange!

This is a Cylinder Exchange Service, You must send your old YZ250 in to us. New Cast Iron sleeve from Accurate Cylinder & Sleeve will be installed Honed and bore returned to standard size

Wiseco Piston Kit: Piston, Rings, rod, clip

Namura Piston Kit : Piston, gasket, rings , rod, clip

YZ250 Cylinder Jug 68MM ( 1992 - 98 .. 4JX,4MX,4SR,4XL )

  • Note: Product images only reflect class of products. If in doubt ask before purchasing. Our cylinder sleeves are made from chrome-moly alloy. Our Ports are machined with close tolerance and shapes allowing easy of installation and greatly reduce the need for additional porting after installation.

  • Return and Refund policy. We offer full refund and exchanges within 14 days of purchase. Products must be is same package without damages. call/text or email in advance.