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                                        Welcome to 

Accurate Cylinder & Sleeve Works LLC.

                          (ACAS works)


 The one stop shop for your, Power Sports & Motor Cycle Cylinder

         Service on the Internet. Your   2 & 4 -Stroke Specialties


             We Bring Your Damaged Cylinders Back To Life


                  Why Buy A New Cylinder When We Can

            Repair Your Damaged One For Half The Price  

                           Our Cylinder sleeves are manufactured in house

                                          from Cast Iron not Steel

             Having 2 or 4-Stroke Cylinder problems?

                               We can help.

            When your Cylinder has nicks, scratches, dents, broken. You have a big Problem.

                                                Chill out, all hope is not lost.

                                               We can bring it back to Life.

The beauty of getting a cast iron sleeve installed is that you save lots of $$ in the long run. You will also have the ability of boring your cylinder to the next size up in the future.

Rests assure that we can supply you with your piston of choice. Namura, Wiseco are our specialty. However we can supply you with piston of choice or you can send us your piston

Before spending  hundreds of cash on a new cylinder. Reach out to us, our vast knowledge and expertise combined with our wide variety of machines will be of great benefit to you.



Complete Cylinder Sleeve Manufacture & Replacement

  Your One Stop Shop for Cylinder Resleeve Service

  •  Motorcycles

  •  ATV's

  •  Snowmobiles

  •  Kart Engines

  • Mule/Lawnmowers (coming)

  • Weber PWC


Send us your feedback on any items you would like us to manufacture or repair. 

We value your feedback and will make every effort to carry those items on this site.

We will try to make these items as reasonable as possible. 

SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS ( shipping within lower 48 states. USA)

UPS/FedEx is the preferred shipping to us.

Send Package to:

Accurate Cylinder & Sleeve Works
613 Mosswood Dr,
Conroe, TX 77302


  • Your Full Name

  • Complete address

  • Phone number

  • E-mail address

Lastly; be sure to pack your cylinder properly to prevent damages during transport. We have seen too many damage cylinders arriving to our shop due to lack of packaging.

Discount available for multi cylinders, call/text for price quote
For all Questions call 281-516-8917



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